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Create a LLC with The Company Corporation

In this video we walk through The Company Corporation’s order page to explain how to create a LLC.

There are several questions you’re asked when creating a LLC on the website. It’s important to know how to best answer those questions before you fill out the form. Watch the video to learn what how to answer the questions and what you should include in your responses.

Create a LLC Questions

Here are some key terms you should know when creating a LLC on

Member: A member is a LLC’s owners.
Manager: A manager is someone or some company that is hired to run the LLC. This is different then just a basic manager of a business. This would be considered a CEO type of position.
Operating Agreement: The operating agreement is the internal document that outlines the roles and restrictions of managers and members in the LLC.
Articles of Organization: The articles of organization are papers filed directly with the Secretary of State. The document tells the state what name the company will have, the address of the company and the registered agent of the LLC.
Registered Agent: The registered agent is the address for legal process. Legal or tax documents sent by the mail are typically delivered to the registered agent address on file with the Secretary of State.

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We are not lawyers or CPAs. We are not providing legal or tax advice. For specific responses to how to respond to questions on the order form, seek the advice of a licensed tax or legal advisor.

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