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Create LLC . com offers a free llc or incorporation filing service.  You’ll still pay the state fees for your state, but the filing fee is waived.  So how does get away with offering a free service?

Create LLC .com is affiliated with another top incorporation service provider.  They bring so much business to the service provider they’ll arranged a deal to get $99 off any incorporation or LLC filing.

The service provider knows a certain number of clients will want to upgrade their filing to purchase additional services and because of that it’s worth it for them to provide the discount to Create clients.

The service provided by both and the main service provider are exceptional.  The process to file is very simple.  You only need to answer six questions online and you’re done.  Whereas, every other online incorporation service asks dozens and dozens of questions with many so confusing you aren’t sure what to answer.  Instead, create llc .com representatives will call you after you’ve filled out your free incorporation or LLC filing request to ask a couple additional questions about your filing and collect payment by phone for the state fees.  That’s it.  Then you’ll receive your paperwork electronically within a few days. Some states take a little longer, but in most cases it’s less than 2 weeks to get everything from the state.

Just like with every other online incorporation service firm, there is an annual registered agent service that you can choose to continue with or not.  We highly recommend using the annual service.  The service provides peace of mind knowing that any legal or government mail is received and handled properly and in a timely manner.  In addition, you have someone to call anytime you have a question about your corporation and filing paperwork.  That alone is well worth the annual fee which is less than $200.

You can start your free llc today just by going to and filling out the online form.


  1. The people at were very helpful. I was able to get my LLC in just a matter of days after filling out the form. I’m new to all this stuff and it was nice to be able to speak with someone rather than just filling out a form online. Highly recommend them.

    • ShellyFebruary 27, 2013 I recently used to cretae a corporation. I bought the Express Gold Incorporation package which includes the standard package and additional features including Priority Rush and an EIN application.The digital forms for filing were easy to use and there were many help features. The Priority rush ended up being slower than expected and took well over 7-10 days to complete.After paying extra for the upgraded package I was very upset with the delays. I spoke with customer service multiple times and finally received my files. My other complaint with the service was that I was signed up for a trial of Business Advantage Pro and was never alerted to cancel the service.Overall the process was easy but did come with a few headaches. I would use LegalZoom again.

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