Florida LLC Filing Fee

Florida LLC Filing Fee

Compare the Florida LLC Filing Fee by Online Incorporation Service

The online incorporation services each have a different Florida LLC filing fee.  When you compare the various packages they offer to file the LLC in Florida you’ll see it’s tough to know if you are really comparing apples with apples.

To better understand that the Florida LLC filing fee is the same for each of the online incorporation services, use the chart below as a guide.  However, there are some important factors to understand when comparing these incorporation filing companies.  Make sure you read the explanation below the chart.



FL LLC - PackagesYesYesYesYes
Our ReviewOur ReviewOur ReviewOur Review
CouponUse BIS60 and Get $60 off
$39 with Coupon$97$103$99
State Fees$125$125$155$155
File Documents with StateYesYesYesYes
Registered Agent Service6 Months6 MonthsNoNo
Compliance NoticesYesYesNoNo
Sample Operating Agreement NoNoNoYes
Best Value
$229 with Coupon$237$133$289
State Fees$125$125$155$155
File Documents with StateYesYesYesYes
Registered Agent Service1 Year6 MonthsNoNo
Compliance NoticesYesYesYesNo
Record BookYesYesNoYes
Sample Operating AgreementNoYesYesNo
Overnight ShippingNoYesNoNo
$349 with Coupon$347$233$359
State Fees$125$155$155$155
File Documents with StateYesYesYesYes
Registered Agent Service1 Year6 Months1 YearNo
Compliance NoticesYesYesYesYes
Record BookYesYesNoYes
Sample Operating AgreementNoYesYesNo
Overnight ShippingYesYesNoNo
EIN (Federal Tax ID) ServiceYesYesNoYes
Certified Copy of State DocsYesYesNoNo
Registered Agent Yearly Fee$195$149$120$159
Incorporation Companies for FLIncorporate.com ReviewsBizFilings.com ReviewsMyCorporation.com ReviewsLegalZoom.com Reviews

Registered Agent Filing Fee

First, all of the incorporation services offer Registered Agent(RA) services.  In most cases this is part of the Florida LLC Filing Fee. Registered agents services are required by every state.  In most states, including Florida you can by your own Registered Agent.  However, we wouldn’t recommend doing so.  For less than $200 per YEAR you can have a professional company handle this part of operating a LLC in Florida and take away any worries that you aren’t following the procedures or laws required.  A Registered Agent is in place to accept legal documents or certified letters and mail from a state or federal agency.  Someone is required to be at the Registered Agent offices Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (normal business hours).

The biggest challenge with being your own Registered Agent is having staff members sign for legal documents and not knowing if they arrive to your desk on time, or that someone will be at the office when the document arrives.

Incorporate.com offers the RA service at $195 per year.  However, like most of these incorporation filing companies, if you call them and ask to have your fee lowered, they will.  They don’t want to lose your annual filing fee and you as a customer.  So you’ll easily be able to match the price of one of the other incorporation services listed, just by asking.

Best Value for Florida LLC Filing

Overall, Incorporate.com offers the most value.  The only item that may not be included with the packages that some of the other incorporation services do offer is overnight shipping with Fedex and the Sample Operating agreement.  When it comes to the shipping, you will easily make up for the Fedex shipping rate with the speed at which filings are done.  In most cases, Incorporate.com has their computer systems tied directly into the Secretary of State’s offices to create the filings almost immediately.

As for having a sample operating agreement, just do a search on Google for “sample operating agreement – llc” and you’ll find plenty. You can also find one here on Entrepreneur.com.  However, you will still want to customize the agreement no matter where you get it, to match your needs of operating your Florida LLC.

The Florida LLC filing fee will vary for each service and you’ll even notice that the state filing fee various as well.  Typically the difference in the Florida LLC filing fee with the state is based on the speed at which the state files the documents.  The higher the fee the faster the filing of your LLC.


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