• Service
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  • Other Services Offered reviews for their incorporation services. has fast company one of, if not THE largest provider of incorporation services in the United States.  They not only offer incorporation and LLC formation services, but they also offer several other self-help legal document prep services.

Our review for their service is very high, although when you call in asking for additional help you are made aware that they are a sale organization, not just a service company.  The representatives are there to have you order additional items and they do their best to up sell you on those.  If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, but don’t need something too complicated then is a good choice.

The cost brings their overall rating down.  In comparison to pricing it’s $50 more for the same product.

We have used for incorporation services, trademark services and a will.  All experiences have been very good.

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  1. Everything was processed with Legalzoom correctly, although it took a little longer than I thought, 2 weeks, to get the paperwork. They are a good service, although I have received a few sales calls since forming the company, which is a little annoying, but I understand why. I’m in sales too. 😉

  2. I have used LegalZoom to create a corporation. It was simple, quick and cost exactly what the LegalZoom website said it would cost. I rate LegalZoom a 5.

  3. Setting a New ‘Record’ For Counterline Records.

    I have been operating a small independent record label for months with no legal guidance whatsoever. When business finally started picking up and I saw the need to hire employees and keep track of the books (always a good idea) I knew I would need legal advice. Legal advice, I knew, is expensive. So I went to
    Through reading over the articles on, I found out that my best bet was to incorporate. As if this wasn’t helpful enough, they also walked me through every single step of incorporating my business in the state in which I operate. If there was something on the online application I didn’t understand, they were available for me to call and ask anytime I needed.
    When it came time to pay, the price for filing was steep, but Legalzoom offers payment plans that make payment much easier for a small and very recently formed corporation. I was told it could take 30 days for my paperwork to be on file with the state. Not so. I had my articles of incorporation in my hands within 2 weeks.
    When I was checking out, back when I completed the application, I selected to have 500 business cards made and to receive a consultation about SEO (search engine optimization). I had forgotten about these purchases, but I was reminded with pleasant phone calls about the services I had purchased so quickly and easily. Both services were fulfilled and I am equally happy with those.
    In its short time, Counterline Records has dealt with a lot of business and organizations. Legalzoom sets the record for the most helpful, reliable and all around customer oriented. I will be using them to establish a sole proprietorship and DBA later this month, and have recommended this to multiple small business owners, who came out equally impressed.

    Not complaints here!

  4. I recently used to create a corporation. I bought the Express Gold Incorporation package which includes the standard package and additional features including Priority Rush and an EIN application.
    The digital forms for filing were easy to use and there were many help features. The Priority rush ended up being slower than expected and took well over 7-10 days to complete.
    After paying extra for the upgraded package I was very upset with the delays. I spoke with customer service multiple times and finally received my files. My other complaint with the service was that I was signed up for a trial of Business Advantage Pro and was never alerted to cancel the service.
    Overall the process was easy but did come with a few headaches. I would use LegalZoom again.

  5. I am an author and used legal zoom to incorporate my own LLC. Their service was professional and prompt, they assisted me every step of the way with the calls from customer service agents. When it was time for taxes to come around they also assisted with revenue claims and telling me how to fill out the paperwork which was very helpful. I would recommend them for cost, for effectiveness, friendliness and professionalism. It was a great experience for someone who did not know what they were doing at the time. If you are a newbie this is a great team to consult with for sure!


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