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  • Services Offered reviews can be added to the comments section below this article. was formed in 1997 to provide incorporation and document management services for small businesses. was acquired in 2005 by Intuit, the creators of Quickbooks and Quicken, for $20 million in cash.

Since the acquisition by Intuit in 2005, the company took a noticeable drop in market share.  Which it’s all that surprising, considering the company was run as a small business and then acquired by a multi-billion company.  Based on experience, I can say that the smaller company usually isn’t understood by the buyer and thus it as a tendency to fall apart.

It’s not apparent if Intuit sold the company or spun it off to a new division.  Currently the CEO of is Debra Sweeney.  You’ll hear advertisements on radio and read about them in business magazines.

The feedback we see on is mostly positive.  Any negative ratings we’ve seen took place just after the acquisition by Intuit.  However, the majority of recent ratings have been positive.

Services also offered by include trademarks, copyrights and document management services.





  1. I have had the opportunity to use the incorporation services packet for on two separate occasions. I found the website to be both informative and easy to use. Additionally, the entire process worked smoothly with no financial headaches or surprises. I continue to recommend my to colleagues, friends and clients as I know they offer reliable, user friendly products.

    J. Greene, MBA

    • March 21, 2013 I am an author and used legal zoom to iarocpornte my own LLC. Their service was professional and prompt, they assisted me every step of the way with the calls from customer service agents. When it was time for taxes to come around they also assisted with revenue claims and telling me how to fill out the paperwork which was very helpful. I would recommend them for cost, for effectiveness, friendliness and professionalism. It was a great experience for someone who did not know what they were doing at the time. If you are a newbie this is a great team to consult with for sure!Thanks,Melissa

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